Pool Above Repair Kit for Dura Beam Deluxe Single Airbed | Vinyl Glue | Gray Beige Patches

Pool Above #ad - Application instructions: 1. Oem patches sourced from 64707 dura-beam Deluxe Single High Airbed Mattress Mfg. 4. 1 fl oz 30ml tube of vinyl cement, 1 Glue Applicator. 2 7. 75" x 3. 75" transparent patches. Press the patch firmly on the repair area and hold temporarily. The repair Kit includes two 7. 87 inch by 3. 74 inch clear vinyl sheets and a tube with one ounce of vinyl cement and is recommended for ages fourteen and up.

Heavy duty vinyl repair Kit with Genuine OEM repair patches. The vinyl works with Intex airbeds as well as other inflatable furniture. 3. The oem patches are cut directly from the Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Airbed for a superior repair. 5. 8 2. 625" round circle shape oem Patches 1 grey flocked, 3 grey vinyl, 4 beige flocked.

Pool Above Repair Kit for Dura Beam Deluxe Single Airbed | Vinyl Glue | Gray Beige Patches #ad - Repairs work best when like materials are adhered to each other. 2. Clean and dry the repair area thoroughly. March 2017.

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Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit , Packaging may vary

Airhead D-KIT-B01-100 #ad - Each tear-aid repair patch is made from an exceptionally tough, abrasion resistant, matte finish, elastomer that resists puncture and tearing. It provides instant adhesion with no sewing, NO GLUE and no mess. Tear-aid repair patches provide a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears, as well as an excellent protective film solution.

The tear-aid type b vinyl repair patch sticks to - Vinyl and Vinyl-coated material ONLY. Tear-aid expands absorbing force on impact and always returns to original shape and size. Won't turn gummy in high heat; UV resistant inhibuits yellowing. Each patch kit contains - 1 3" x 12" tear-aid patch that cuts easily with scissors to any size, 1 12" reinforcement Filament for repairing tears at edges, 1 Illustrated Instructions, 2 Alcohol Prep Pads,  1 7/8 x 7/8" Patch, 1 1 3/8 x 1 3/8" patch, Kit Dimensions: 3"x 5.

Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit , Packaging may vary #ad - 5"x 1. 25". Tear-aid repair patches are made in the u. S. A. Of the highest quality and standards. Vinyl has oils that are absorbed by most adhesives which causes the adhesive to turn gooey, gummy, and ultimately lose bond.

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