Kodiak Aspen Futon Set with Reclaim Mocha Finish, Suede Navy, Full

Kodiak KFAPRMSNAVYLF4MD2 #ad - This multifunctional piece of furniture can find a home in just about any type of room. No tools needed for easy assembly. The futon is a classic hardwood frame with a space saving design. Solid hardwood construction. Converts to standard full size bed. Space saving design. This unique and versatile full size futon sofa easily converts to a Bed.

Sit, lounge, and sleep position.

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Non-slip Futon Grip Pad Slip Stopper Pad by Helm Pad

Helm Pad Company SS24P #ad - It fits all size futon frames. Fire-retardant, protects mattress and frame. Allows maximum air circulation with its open-weave construction. Keep your futon on the frame - where it belongs! Place the futon slip stopper pad between the seat of the futon frame and the futon mattress to help prevent the futon from slipping.

Durable and easy to use. Cleans with ease: hand wash in mild detergent, rinse, and lay flat to dry. Fits any size frame, 24" x 60" 60cm x 150cm. Made of superior-quality polyester fabric with a high-grade vinyl compound. Prevents futon mattress slippage. Will not stain.

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